Building the future
of fintech

We simplify the complex world of finance and create meaningful products,
services and technology that your clients will love.


The Strider Academy is an e-learning system which businesses can rapidly white-label with their branding and our financial content. Whether a business needs to educate or train their sales staff or provide employee wellness the system caters for a wide variety of target markets. Users of the system will enjoy a gamified and rewarding learning experience.

Our agile digital on-boarding system allows businesses to create beautiful and simple on-boarding experiences for their clients. The platform utilises OCR capabilities, digital signatures, access to large databases as well as governmental agencies and credit bureaus to validate client information in real time.

Our event-driven insurance platform caters for the creation of convertible insurance products, policy creation, legal documentation, client communication and compliance as well as automated claims processing. Clients experience instant gratification through the beautiful mobile interface they use.


Creating Financial Enlightenment

We believe that everyone deserves to have financial freedom and get access to the products and services they need. By creating financial technology systems and working with the biggest brands in the industry we are striving to help every individual along their path to financial enlightenment.

Some of Our Work


Event-Driven Insurance App

We were enlisted by one of the big four banks in South Africa to build an Ionic app that provides instant micro-insurance for avid cyclists looking to get cover for a variety of their needs. The whole process only took us 6 weeks.

Lead Priming Bot

This bot match-makes immediately available financial advisors with hot leads and new clients helping financial service businesses realise value from their marketing spend and big campaigns.


FNB Securities Website

We took on the almighty task of revamping the look and feel and frontend of the whole FNB Securities website and system that allows their clients to buy and sell shares and other products.


Reporting System for Ashburton

Ashburton were looking for new ways to visualise their reports and the vast amount of data they hold. We helped them make their user experience superior to anything else currently used in the industry.


Our Clients

Our Services

  • User Experience and Interface Design

    User experience research, design discovery processes, user testing and valid interface design are a critical part of what we do. We have perfected our own methodologies that allow us to quickly and correctly validate the experiences businesses will give their clients.

  • Rapid Prototyping and PoC Validation

    From rapid prototyping and validation of new concepts in only 5 days to building validated proof of concepts within only a few weeks. We have helped clients validate ideas or business strategies over short time periods and with small capital outlay.

  • Fintech & Insurtech Consulting

    Throughout the years our team members have become thought leaders in the fintech, insurtech and exponential organisation space. By staying ahead of the trends our executives are best suited to help clients understand disruptive technologies, trends and how to apply them rapidly to their businesses.

  • UI/UX Workshops and Training

    We run training workshops on UI/UX concepts and teach teams how to apply them practically to projects and business processes. These workshops range from beginner to advanced classes. We also facilitate discovery workshops for clients who have a problem that they need to solve.

  • Legacy System Reformation

    The financial services space is plagued with legacy systems and processes. We specialise in process optimisation and know how to work with or replace legacy systems without affecting business as usual.

  • Custom Website and App Development

    Our team excel at building custom websites, native or hydrid mobile applications. Our UI/UX designers, full stack developers, user researchers, professional project managers and product specialists are ready to tackle any new journey, system or product.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for driven and inspired UI/UX designers, user experience researchers, full stack developers and fintech aficionados to join our team of big thinkers. If you are keen to change the world of financial services for the better we would like to buy you lunch. It’s on us!

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