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UX/UI Designers, UX Researchers, Digital Copywriters and Developers


Our Talent Pool

UX Researchers

Our user experience researchers use global best practice methodologies and test products and systems with specific target markets for actionable results. This testing can happen in and out of lab environments as required.

Digital Copywriters

Our copywriters understand how to make products and services easy to understand on digital platforms. They have a fundamental understanding of how to position products appropriately using digital copy.

Agile Project Managers

We provide project managers that are well versed in all of the relevant agile delivery frameworks.

Full Stack Developers

Our reliable full stack developers deliver robust and well-built software that solves business problems. Our team are proficient in a multitude of languages to suit your needs.

Product Owners

Our expert product owners will drive the delivery of your digital team as well as assist in building the roadmap for any products or services you are developing.

Let our team do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day details.

Strider will assist in identifying great talent that fits your business culture and will address your requirements. We provide the hardware, software and training to ensure that new recruits deliver on all fronts. We also ensure that there are rigorous ongoing evaluations via our Talent Relationship Plan for optimal performance of our talent in your business.

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Team Testimonials

Joining Strider has allowed me the opportunity to work on exciting projects for one of SA's leading brands, while retaining the wholesome support and spirit of a close-knit family. I'm truly grateful for the work-life balance that Strider has made possible for me.

N. Ngoasheng Digital Copywriter

Strider is a great firm that truly cares about its employees. Since joining the team, I've been exposed to many projects within the banking sector that improved our interactions with our clients and their overall user-experience.

D. Sibindana Digital Copywriter

Being careful to change jobs in the current, highly competitive work climate was my approach to work life – until I got in touch with Strider. From day one, the communication has been excellent: prompt and professional, yet inviting and sincere. The company as a whole have a special kind of confidence that’s contagious. They renewed my faith in my own abilities to such an extent that I was able to take the leap to work for them, completely effortless. I’ve never been happier!

N. van der Watt Digital Copywriter

Being a part of a family is one of the greatest feelings a person can be gifted with. Being a part of the Strider team is the best opportunity that I have been fortunate enough to have – the members of this team have become family, a sense of inclusion and care with a personal touch is always available.

L. Hing Product Designer
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